My Band

These past 48 hours were amazing. My friend Faisal Aswat (Fez), who plays the bass guitar, is helping me to put a band together. So far we've had the honor of being joined by the great Scott Eisenberg (drums). Scott has been coming all the way from Brooklyn, NY to play with us. The three of us have been rehearsing non-stop at Fez's place since yesterday. The album is coming together really well and we have been having a lovely time. Yesterday rehearsal ended at 9:30pm and we went to the movies (we watched "Ted," yes, "Ted." Fez convinced us to go and I am glad he did because we had a lot of fun). I forgot my wallet home and Fez not only payed for my ticket but sneaked some beer in a plastic cup for me (I didn't have my ID so I couldn't buy any). After the movie we had ice cream, and then went back to Fez's place for a shot of whiskey before bed. Lots of laughs. It was so good hanging out with these guys. We have great band chemistry. I love having a band again! 

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