They had longed for



They had been

advised against words

too often

not to abuse them

in minute endless talks.

autopsying their silences

to the utmost cruelty

as if it were a sin

not to translate,

even what…



As I turned into Laurel street, the small meaningless street off Somerville Ave, I remembered… Poetry. It had been long since I had thought about it. As a child I had written a poem or two. The feeling had made…



The less reasons one has to justify life, the more it becomes its own justification. And there we find the source. Where life is supported by nothing but itself. There is an eternal flow emanating from that self-sustaining circle. Because…



After something is brought into the world, it is dead. To mess with it further is to kick the dead. Invention is the only source of life.


And yet… Authority is the obvious. It is what we are doing when…



What is it that I want to learn? I do not want to acquire skills. Skills are silly things that come and go throughout one’s life. They are temporary, conditional things. It seems that I want to learn something permanent…



Dissatisfaction is quite an enigmatic feeling. We are often dissatisfied because we feel the thing that would make us happy is out of reach or forbidden. Then, when a flicker of truth propels us to even imagine its possibility, to…


Structures and Authenticity

Repression is generated in many ways, often by what lies beyond one’s field of vision. Structures, for instance, generate repression by making invisible everything that lies outside of them. The structures that dictate sexual organization, make invisible and abnormal all…



I recently read the following passage: “Shakespearean English is an excellent vehicle for discussing the sport of falconry but not of football. The fact that Shakespeare’s plays contain fluent and complex treatments of falconry is due as much to the…



What does it mean for us to be determined by culture? It can mean a series of different things.


It can mean that there is a rich and powerful minority who establishes mainstream tendencies and sells it to a majority…


How does a word refer to a thing?

Is this the right question? What are the assumptions or affirmations that make this question possible? First, that there is some sort of relationship between words and things.

And what is it to say that there is such a relationship…