Structures and Authenticity

Repression is generated in many ways, often by what lies beyond one’s field of vision. Structures, for instance, generate repression by making invisible everything that lies outside of them. The structures that dictate sexual organization, make invisible and abnormal all kinds of relationship that are not catalogued. Even worst, they make the possibility of discovering new kinds of relationship invisible, impossible. But this possibility of discovery is what generated the kinds of relationship that have come to be known. Once they were alive and meaningful. Creativity generates what then is established as the norm and pushed to an unquestionable blind spot. It is easy to live through these blind spots, which engender automatism and constant absence.


Structures make the outside invisible by being themselves invisible. They set in as though they were the fabric of the mind, leaving no room to step outside and question. Because they are frames of mind as opposed to objects of the mind, they cannot be questioned, but rather generate the questions that one can ask. To step outside all structures, to live in total creative freedom and feel entitled to generate all aspects of one’s existence, as though we were the first creatures ever to walk the Earth… To live authentically. It is quite exhausting and adventurous, but it is perhaps the only way out. 

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