When I remember I have no one, I am essentially absolutely irremediably alone, I create.

When I remember it isn't a matter of meeting or not meeting someone, that such person does not exist, and that I am only and have only ever been in love with the world and that the world is me.

I must step away to a place where I cannot be seen. There in that dark alley, in that hidden little bench, behind that wall over there, I will meet with the world, and the world is me. It is the only real meeting. The only possible meeting. It is always only that.

We complain that no one sees us but we see no one. We do not want to see them. We want only to be seen by ourselves. 

There is a moment in musicals when the hero is alone. Then the spotlight finds her.

To be alone is to be in the spotlight.

When the spotlight finds me, I sing.