Brava - CD and Digital Album

This is my very first album, recorded with my former band "Brava" and released by Universal Music. I quit the band and Universal in 2006 and have been solo and independent since, but the album is still out there and a few of the songs still play in Brazil. 

Words and music by Paula Marchesini in all tracks, except music from track 2, by Paula and Bark, music in tracks 5 and 7, by Paula and Apoena, and music in track 11, by Paula and Nurow. 

"Brava" was Paula Marchesini, Rodrigo "Bark" Junqueira, Fábio Escovedo, Flávio Galvão, Raphael "Nurow" Chagas, and Bruno Hildenbrand. 

Produced by Paul Ralphes.

Released in Rio de Janeiro, in 2003.